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Why Echo Lake Studios?

Echo Lake Studio is a musician's oasis where ideas come to life. It's a place where we pay attention to detail, where we listen to you and where we help you create impressive sounding music that deserves to be heard!

We are a full service studio offering music production, mixing, engineering, live music and drum videos, voiceovers, classes and more. We like to work with artists and bands who are looking for some extra direction with their work (but if you're an artist or band who wants to come in fully ready to record, we can do that too).

Owner Matt Taylor can help you write or refine parts, arrange song structure or add instrumentation (including playing parts you may need) and he can help set you at ease by steering you vocally in terms of performance, lyrics, phrasing or enunciation. 


Matt has 30+ years experience in recording and music production in Atlanta, NYC and Seattle and is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who thrives on transforming musical ideas into art. Got a question? Email us today and let's make some music!

Matt  Taylor - Owner

A musician since he was a wee lad, Matt spent his time in studios and bands of every variety in FL, GA, NYC and now in Seattle where he's been since 2007. He also ran local businesses Band It and the Urban Music Farm where he brought together hundreds of local musicians to play in short term cover bands for many years. You can often find him singing or playing drums, guitar, and bass in bands or studios around town. His favorite thing though is drawing on his years as a songwriter, bandleader and arranger to help produce and mix some of the best bands in Seattle. Matt is in league with the muse and he likes it that way.

Matt on bass
Matt on drums