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Here are a some amazing artists we've been honored to work with



Matt recently had the honor of working with Puddles Pity Party on his Sharon Van Etten cover of "Afraid of Nothing" where he had a chance to sing backing vocals and play percussion. Check it out!



Matt works with video editor Dusty Hayes of Bongo Dog Designs to offer you music video production for your band's live performances. All we need is your multi-track recording and video footage to get started. Contact ELS today so we can chat more about the process and help you figure out a pricepoint that works for your project. Get a smart professional looking video to help you get gigs, share on social media or put on your website today!

Musicians on Stage

Check out a few of our video productions recorded at Aurora Borealis and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all ELS videos!

Nitewave - Girls on Film

Petty Thief and Friends montage

Rain City Rewind montage

Dialtune snare promo


If you're not familiar with Dialtune snares, these things are amazing. They have a knob on the side that allows you to tune the snare up or down instantly and have it stay perfectly in tune. Really amazing. Come try ours out and check out the promo we did with them!

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