Control Room/Lounge
Control Room/Lounge

Come hang out in the lounge and have a bevvy while we're at the controls

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Mix station
Mix station

Getting heard!

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ELS Kitchen
ELS Kitchen

Coffee, tea, Pur water, snacks and some cool retro gear to check out

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Control Room/Lounge
Control Room/Lounge

Come hang out in the lounge and have a bevvy while we're at the controls

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Echo Lake Studios features a spacious control room and lounge where you and your bandmates can hang out comfortably between takes. We also feature a live room, iso booth and amp closet so you can crank your amps to 11 :)

You're more than welcome to use any of our gear, that's half the fun! We have some great stuff to pick from so book a time today and let's make some music.

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ELS employs three Universal Audio Apollo 8 interfaces with 20 crystal clear Unison mic pres, an A- Designs P-1 mic pre/DI and Radial DIs. We also offer a host of world-class real-time plug-ins including:

  • Neve 1073, UA 610 A&B, and Helios Type 69

  • EQs: Pultec, Neve, API, SSL, Waves and Fabfilter

  • Compressor/limiters: Teletronix LA-2A, UA 1176,        SSL G & S series, Neve 33609, Empirical Labs Distressor, API 2500, dbx 160 and the Fairchild 670

  • Reverbs/delays: Lexicon 480L and 224, Ocean Way Studios, EMT plates, Capitol Chambers, Korg SD-3000, AMS RMX16, and Soundtoys

  • Studer A800 Tape emulator

  • Mastering suite plugs from Izotope and UAD

  • plus way too many more to name!


We use Cubase Pro to bring you the clearest recordings possible. We offer the best quality plug-ins from Neve, SSL, UA, Teletronix, and Pultec.

As well, we run the entire Kontakt Komplete suite - featuring Guitar Rig, Session Drummer, Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, Battery, FM8, Halion Sonic and we run Superior Drummer and Fruity Loops.

We can also save and export all session as OMF or AAF files for Pro Tools or other DAWs if desired.


We offer a range of microphones including:​

  • Neumann U87

  • Rare AKG 414 B-ULS tube mic

  • Standard AKG 414 B-ULS

  • Coles 4038 ribbon mics (matched pair)

  • Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mics (matched pair)

  • Shure SM7b

  • Townsend Labs Sphere L22 - this high end incredibly powerful mic painstakingly models the sound of many "holy grail" mics ​including:

    • Neumann U47, U49, U67, U87 & Gefell CMV 563

    • Telefunken ELA M 251

    • Sony C800G

    • Sennheiser MD 421, 416 & 409

    • AKG C12, D12, 414, 416 and 451

    • Soyuz SU-017

    • RCA 77DX ribbon

    • Coles 4038 ribbon

  • SE4 small diaphragm condensers (matched pair)

  • Sennheiser 421s

  • Audio Technica 4033

  • Sennheiser e609s

  • Shure SM57s and SM58s

  • AKG D112

  • Electro-Voice RE-20


Echo Lake uses APS Klasik 2020 monitors and Yamaha NS-10s paired with an Event Electronics 20/20 subwoofer for maxiumum stereo separation and clarity in the entire frequency spectrum.

As well, all mixes are tested on multiple systems
including our monitors, car stereo, Bluetooth speaker, home theater, headphones, earbuds and phone to ensure that your songs sound great no matter how they're played back.


We have a wide variety of instruments for you to use including:

  • 2013 Gretsch New Classic Euro 5 piece drumkit (10/12/16/22)

  • Dialtune 6.5 x 14" snare (maple 10-ply) - amazing!!!

  • Gretsch Silver Series 8 x14" hammered brass snare

  • 14" Zildjian A series hi hats

  • 16" Paiste Signature full crash

  • 18" Paiste Signature full crash

  • 18" Paiste RUDE thin crash

  • 22" Paiste heavy ride

  • 16" Zildjian China High

  • '52 Fender Telecaster American Hot Rod reissue

  • '83 Fender Stratocaster

  • 2015 Fender Jazzmaster

  • Gretsch Electromatic G5422T

  • Epiphone "Dot" 335

  • Eastwood Sidejack baritone

  • Taylor 310 Dreadnought acoustic guitar

  • Taylor "Baby" acoustic

  • Guzman handmade Costa Rican cedar classical/nylon guitar

  • Fender Precision '62 reissue bass

  • Fender Jaguar active/passive bass

  • Mele handmade Hawaiian ukulele

  • Yamaha CLP-360 Clavinova (88 keys fully weighted)

  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MIDI keyboard

  • Bongos, hand drums and other percussion instruments


We offer the following fantastic amps:

  • Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 2x10

  • Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 

  • Blackstar 15TVP 1x10

  • Ashdown EVO II 1000W bass head

  • Ampeg 4x10 and 1x15 cabs

  • Fender Rumble 40W bass amp

  • Radial JDIs

  • A-Designs P-1 DI