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Production means hiring someone

  • with vision and perspective

  • who listens to your input and respects your work

  • who can help bring your songs to life

Studio owner Matt Taylor is a trained singer and multi-instrumentalist who has many years of experience giving bands constructive feedback and helping them unlock the hidden potential in their tunes. Whether it's trying a new arrangement, coming up with some killer harmonies, adding a bridge, intro or breakdown or just helping you find the confidence to record your heart out, Matt will work with you from pre-production to your final masters. Your songs will get all the detailed attention they deserve. 


Still unsure about what a producer can do for you? Contact us today to chat about what we can do to kick your songs up a few notches.



Matt has 30+ years of mixing experience in almost every genre - 

everything from funk to punk, singer/songwriter to hard rock, folk, reggae, pop, and everything in-between.

He can make the music you recorded with him sound massive and fully radio/web ready. Or, if you have tracks you've recorded elsewhere and you want a new take on them, reach out to us today so we can get started!



Do you already have a clear vision for what you want out of your project? We're here to help.

Contact us today so we can set up a time to get you or your band in here and get recording.



Matt can take your live multi-tracks and mix the audio for a videographer of your choice. As an example, he and the talented Dusty Hayes at Bongo Dog Designs have collaborated several times to create fantastic live music videos which you can see HERE

Live Concert


Need a quiet place to record your voiceover work with a skilled voiceover coach who recorded other people's voiceovers professionally for years? We've got your covered and because Matt does voiceover work himself, he knows just what it takes to get great performances. Click HERE to hear Matt's demo reel.



Matt teaches both group and one-on-one classes for both recording and mixing. Matt has many years of teaching experience with new and veteran students alike and will make you feel at ease. There is no such thing as a dumb question here! Beginner and advanced classes available. Click HERE for more info.

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