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Your music matters

Why us?

You've invested countless hours on your craft, pushing yourself to create something that represents you. You want to show the world the best version of your work and now you're

looking for a studio to help you do that.


We listen to you, we make sure you are a big part of the process and we care about all the little things which add up to making your music sound absolutely amazing. We also build great relationships and have fun with our clients! 

So pull up a chair or a microphone and let's make some


Image by James Owen
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Production means hiring someone

  • with vision

  • who can see the big picture

  • who can bring polish to your songs.

Studio owner Matt Taylor 

has years of experience giving bands constructive feedback so their songs can reach their full potential. Click HERE to find out what we can do for your tunes.

Mixer Keys 3

Matt Taylor has over 30 years of mixing experience in almost every genre.


If you have tracks already recorded and want them sound huge, reach out to us today.

Do you already have a crystal clear vision for what you want out of your project? We're here to help.


Contact us today so we can set up a time to get you or your band in here and get recording.

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